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You can find printed and digital magazines in our online newsstand, but how do you proceed? Fortunately, this search engine offers many useful benefits for magazines and newspapers. To find the appropriate magazines is not difficult, because several thousand magazines can be found by using the convenient search in different topics, or simply browsing the newsstand. A range of reading opportunities for passionate readers of magazines are created here. This includes printed magazines or digital magazines. The technophiliac community will also find some magazines as an app for smartphones and tablet PC for download. So mobile readers don‘t miss a single issue and can use online reading on the way to work, in a doctor‘s waiting room or on holiday. So get started right away and find lots of new international journals in the digital online newsstand.

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You find international journals in our online newsstand as printed publications and as digital magazines for the computer, tablet PC or for smartphones with different operating systems. The magazines are offered in different languages, from different countries and for every requirement. They are divided into subject areas that simplify finding new favorite magazine considerably. Especially popular are English magazines, American magazines, Spanish and French magazines. With over 100 magazine themes you can choose magazines based on your needs, for example in the fields of fashion, family, computer, travel, garden, home or erotic. Read magazines online simply because you can enjoy many benefits. Who wants to read new international journals online, should buy them by subscription. This saves time in going to the next kiosk and it also saves some money, because magazines in a package are cheaper. In addition, spontaneous readers have the possibility to read selected journals as single edition.